BLP – rising to challenges.

Year 1 have been practising to rise to challenges in discovery learning.

Sienna made a poster telling the Mr. Men to clean up after themselves.

Alex made a dinosaur. To make it harder he decided to write a sentence using an adjective about his dinosaur. “This dinosaur is very big”.

These children are working with learning buddies to solve tricky maths problems.

Sumaya was practising to read and write numbers up to 100.


It’s been such a busy day of learning.

Our new topic.

This week we have been introduced to our new topic: The Mighty Mr. Men.

We have started off by finding out what we know and what we would like to know. Check out our what we think so far…



We then explored each of the books and have quickly decided on some of our favourites.


In discovery learning we are building a pictogram of our favourites.

Watch this space for our final results…

And the results are in. Which do you think is the most and least popular?